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Because knowing if a wine is good for your health, is trendy!

For wines made with minimal chemical content, maximum skill and transparency.

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The Vino Veritas App is about Accessible Quality Wines

Search here to find out the quality of your wine

If your wine is not listed, please email us the details.

Wine resellers, if you want to reach a growing market, this is for you!

Display your wines for FREE on our App so that our users have access to them.

Present your wines at the lowest cost
Ease of use of the sales interface
Towards Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Effective Features

Vino Veritas is already the most advanced and intuitive wine App on the market. For the wine retailers, it's a breeze to increase your sales.

Boost your sales

Get on top of the search list, increase your visibility on your own terms and budget.

Get on the map

When you add your wines to our App, they'll automatically appear on the map.

Intuitive Design

Simply login, review/update the info on your wines and you're ready to go.

Update Info

Make sure that all our users have the latest information about you and your wines, in real time.

User Friendly

You'll be up and running in 10 seconds!

Creative Possibilities

You want to create an Ad, sell directly to our wine consumers or just advertise, the choice is yours.



Pricing Table

These prices are for the App users who appreciate the different experiences that Vino Veritas offers.


Perfect to start with.

  • Scan the wine to know if it's a quality wine
  • Click on "suggestions", for the best available wines at your local
  • Rate and share your wine rating, comments and observations
  • Personalise your wine lists such as: 'purchased', 'archives', 'wish list' and more
  • Access to video & animation tutorials


To truly appreciate wine to its fullest.

2.99$/a month
28.99$/a year

Save 20% / 6.89$
  • In wine suggestions you get more critérias like:
    • Cepages Millesimes, Colors, Countries, Regions.
  • In wine details get more information on each wine, like:
    • Intensity for pairing, Grape varietals, Aging potential, Taste description, Winegrower's direct website.
    • Service information like:
      • best temperature of service, time in carafe, suggestions for pairing.
    • Get all the details on:
      • Visual, Olfactory, Taste, Aroma families.


Include all Advanced features & more

5.99$/a month
58.99$/a year

Save 20% / 12.89$
  • In wine details get more information on each wine, like:
    • Technical sheet,
    • Direct weblink to wine information,
    • Anecdotes,
    • Comments,
    • Get all the details on:
      • Production,
      • Climate/Geology,
      • The Vineyard.
  • And much more to come!

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Dany Gagnon C.E.O / Founder

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Pierre LaforgueVirtual Wine Shop / Commercial Director

Creator of lasting links between winemakers and wine consumers

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Jean-Philippe SauratMember of the support team

Finance Officer

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